Learn About Fleet Tracking

by : Benicio Brown

Fleet management allows a company to manage their vehicles efficiently and safely, in today's world by using fleet tracking they can tell everything from the set destination to whether the door is open or closed. This is a big advantage to the company as they can eliminate any workers that are not performing up to a basic standard making the overall service better on a whole.

Most of the fleet tracking software will include vehicle tracking so that each of the companies vehicles can be pin pointed in real time via a GPS device, this makes the drivers aware that they are being tracked so not to go off of the desired route at any point. Sometimes the drivers will not even know that they are being tracked so it's a successful method in which the company can keep an eye on them to ensure they are doing their job.

As technology improves the fleet tracking software is becoming advanced in the fact companies can build a driver profile based on their driving behaviours so they can find the best driver for certain tasks. Not only can they monitor the driver but the latest fleet tracking software can gain access to the vehicles on board computer and give details on the mileage, petrol consumption, the speed they are travelling at and much more. It is actually scary what companies can collect by using this software.

There are two types of fleet tracking that companies use, passive and active. The difference is that passive fleet tracking uses GPS software which can track where they are heading, etc. Some are that sophisticated that they can tell if the engine is turned on or off and if the doors are open or not! The problem with passive tracking is that they have to wait until the vehicle comes back to the main headquarters where the device will be removed and the data uploaded to a computer so it can be analysed. Active fleet tracking can often provide exactly the same information but can be given in real time by cellular or satellite networks making it much faster to spot any unusual behaviour.

Not only is it useful to a company to track their employees but they can have control of a vehicle to ensure maximum safety at all times. People have remote access to any vehicle and can prevent the engine from being started which will make it impossible to move, they also have the ability to slow down or stop a vehicle while it's in action so they can recover stolen vehicles with ease.

There are other reasons why people would integrate tracking devices into their vehicles, the main reason would be for safety purposes. If your vehicle was to get stolen you could activate the tracking software which would enable the police to go and pursue the vehicle. Field salesmen find this software useful as they can identify where they are if they get lost in unknown areas so they can locate and get to the customer as fast as possible.