Different Base Groups of Stun Guns

by : Joy Fender

When someone thinks of the stun guns in the market they think of a hand held item that is used to deliver a high level of electrical shock to a foe. This may have once been the main method of this type of gun, but is no longer the case.

The stun guns that are in the market can be grouped into four base groups. The first is of course the hand held taser that can deliver a shock to those that are foolish enough to assault the person wielding them. These are limited to the reach of the person and can cause problems as the person can suffer feedbacks if the assailant is touching them in other areas. This can prove to be counterproductive if the person is disabled along with the assailant.

The second method of stun guns is the ranged taser. These are usually designed to have a range of three to fifteen feet and will deliver a high level shock to the person that is assaulting the proposed victim. These have been the base standard of self-defense in these types of weapons. They require a low level of training and have little chance of the person suffering a feedback. They typically have a variety of voltage ranges when they are purchased and some have settings for this as well.

The third is common in use with some police forces and military. These are usually referred to as stun batons. They are effective a combination of a police baton and cattle prod. Some have seen these as something excessive and they are usually only used in extreme cases or in countries where police usually dont have access to guns. Some prisons also use these as the standard that the police in such institutions will utilize.

The fourth is one that has shown a high level of success in some police forces and the military. This is effectively an EMP gun. EMP is short for electro magnetic pulse, and this is a weapon that is usually used on vehicles to eliminate high-speed chases. The EMP will send a pulse that will fry all electrical systems in a vehicle and will render it useless. The advantage to this is that the criminal can be detained with little force; the draw back is if the car is stolen. The EMP will literally ruin all the electronics in a car and in most new cars that can effectively ruin the car as well.