Tom Tom Go 520: a Real Path Finder

by : Adam Caitlin

A decade ago, a majority of us were unaware of the term satellite navigation devices. But slowly the term got popular among the public. The satellite navigation devices were primarily used for defense purposes. But with in the last decade, the term got popularized and we saw them emerging into the common life as a gadget of luxury.But satellite navigation devices are no more luxury items. These are now gadgets of comfort which are nowadays popular among drivers. Thanks to its capability to show the right path when you are in an unknown area. Never wonder how it could show you the right path. There are no secrets in it. The device captures the satellite images and display them on the screen. It thus makes us aware of the route and prevents us from being alone in an unknown area.

The expansion of satellite navigation device market has resulted in the entry of a number of new brands. This has resulted in a heavy competition among them. The latest TomTom Go 520 satellite navigation device comes with a 4.3 inch wide screen that assures a perfect display. This model car navigator is attractive with an elegant and slim design and high quality finishing. How is it possible to leave out the extra large 4.3 inch screen with high quality 3D graphics? It is the special feature of the device that makes it stand apart. Want to know the USP of this device? This device enjoys the record of being the first device in the market to carry the names of millions of cities and streets. With the new TomTom Go 520 satellite navigation device, you do not have to worry about the safety. It carries an extensive range of safety features. It has a built-in FM transmitter that will transmit sound over the car stereo and give you an excellent audio experience.

Known as the largest portable navigation solution provider in the world, the device carries ground breaking technology along with a host of really attractive features such as speech recognition that would provide an ultimate driving experience to the user. Being slim and elegant, this device with high quality finish is apt to get fit in any car or shirt pocket.