How To Pick The Best Hardware Reviews

by : Galway

When the first PCs started turning up in the late seventies and early eighties they where designed to help businesses manage spreadsheets and if you were lucky help you write a letter to the bank manager asking, no doubt for more money, because you needed to re-mortgage the house for the latest breakthrough in cutting edge computing.

Nowadays computers come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of far more than just adding up a couple of sums. You can surf the web, play games, edit photos, listen to your music, make music even, oh and still of course get them to help you with your spread sheets and perhaps rather than a letter to your bank manager, simply manage your bank account online yourself.

But hardware doesn't just cover computers and laptops but the multitude of accessories to go with it. The latest monitors that let you enjoy your desktop more, the 1TB hard drives that let you store all the data. Then there are the keyboards and mice that let you control it and that's before you've got to the speakers to let you listen to it, the network modems that let you connect to the internet or the other massive plethora of USB devices that will do everything from letting you read a memory card to warming up a pair of slippers so you don't get cold feet when doing your work.

The ultimate computer set up at home in my mind would consist of the following:

Apple MacBook Pro laptop

Apple's MacBook Pro laptop is one of the best laptops around allowing you to manage your work and play on the go with ease. Using the Apple Leopard OS you don't have to worry about viruses as the system is so far know to be immune to them. Additionally the software just works letting you get on with your work and play. Used by creative types around the world the laptop is great for managing music and images. Time Machine, its backup software solution is by far the best offering out there meaning your data will be safe always.

Seagate hard drive

If you've got lots of data and you backup regularly (which of course you should, it goes without saying) then you'll need a decent hard drive to back up to. Seagate's range of FreeAgent drives come in sizes of up to 750GB, more than ample enough, and offer fast performance for both Mac and PC users via USB 2.0 or Firewire.

Samsung 22-inch monitor

Your laptop might come with its own screen, but you'll want to maximise your working capabilities in the office with a massive monitor. Get yourself a widescreen monitor with a good resolution. You can then use your laptop monitor as a second screen for chat or email windows leaving the main large screen solely for working on documents or whatever your main focus should be. And before you eek with "isn't it going to be expensive?" the answer is no - you can get a 24-inch for under 250 pounds.

Logitech Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech have long been making decent keyboards and mice so it's good to invest in something from the company. Mac owners might do better to opt for a Mac keyboard and a Logitech mouse however to get the best of both worlds. Something like the MX revolution or the MX Air.