Hardware Help for Choosing Hinges

by : Jerryblackburn

The selection of hinges at the hardware store can make choosing one a difficult task or anyone. With so many choices how can a person ever figure out which one they should buy? It can be an easier choice if you learn a little about hinges before going shopping for them.

Getting the Specifics

You need some basic information before you can decide what type of hinge you will need. You should consider major factors which can help you narrow down choices. You should consider size, weight and the shape of materials you will be using.

You also need to consider how the door will open. Hinges are different for doors opening from the left than ones opening from the right. You need to buy the proper type of hinge to get the right fit and usability. You should be able to tell just by looking which type of hinge you will need. You should consider how you would like the door to look once hung, including how much of the hinge you would like to show when the door is closed and if you need a special feature, such as the door being able to close on its own.

Popular Hinge Descriptions

Butt hinge ? Between 13 and 150 mm in size. Two types: ridges pin and loose pin. Used for mounting regular door types.

Ball bearing hinge ? Permanently lubricated. More expensive than other hinges. Used for mounting heavy doors or doors used a lot.

Butterfly hinge ? Used for light weight doors. Available in a variety of shapes and patterns. Easy to fit.

Double acting hinge ? Used for folding doors. Can open in either direction.

Flush hinge ? Used for cabinets or other light doors. Concealed and not seen after installed.

Knuckle hinge ? Loose joint hinge. Decorative. Can hold a heavy door. Designed to be hidden when door closed.

Offset blind hinge ? Allow for full opening and swing away. Good for storm and screen doors.

Pivot hinge ? Versatile and good for recessed, overlay or flush doors. Does not need a door frame for mounting.

Spring loaded hinge ? Has a spring loaded mechanism that closes the door. Has adjustable tension.

table top hinges ? Used for drop tables to separate pieces where one must drop away from the other piece.

Concealed hinges ? Come in 25 to 36mm. Adjustable once fitted. Used with chipboard and MDF.

Specialty hinges ? Available in many different size. Used for heavy installation needs. Used most often for chest lids or cabinet.