What To Look For In A Good Digital Audio Computer Interface

by : Geostarpub

Sound waves are converted into binary language consisting of ones and twos, by computers using a translator. This translation is facilitated by digital audio computer interfaces. So, an interface is needed to get audio in and out of your computer fast.

Apart from audio channels, we also look for big bandwidth, as most downloads are done from the internet. So, a bandwidth intensive interface application is likely to prove more useful in recording audio and video from online sources. Also, the interface has to be portable.

Ideally a digital audio computer interface should be versatile, while providing good audio quality. Such an interface is useful for many devices such as DV cameras, hard drives, digital still cameras, professional audio, printers, scanners and home entertainment. Using the interface, you look to connect computer peripherals such as printers, scanners, modems, keyboards, displays (monitors), hard drives and CD-ROM drives.

The interface will not serve much purpose if compatible ports are not available in your PC, whether it is a Mac or a Windows PC; this is more likely in respect of an interface of a recognized brand. Even if you are buying an assembled PC, make sure that the retail motherboard incorporates the interface of your choice. Ideally, such an interface should include analog mic/line inputs, Phantom power and insert jacks.

Professional musicians who seek to mix music will need a computer interface with hot-swapping capabilities. They look for the perfect device, for high-end home studio or project studio environments, which supports a wide array of sample rates, and includes the provision of an high impedance input for integrating guitars and basses as well as switch-able phono preamp. Such a device will benefit audio professionals who add audio dialog or music to presentations, or other visually oriented materials, and composers scoring for picture, computer games, and other multimedia content.

In sum, if the digital interface should be a versatile device that facilitates recording of audio and video on many simultaneous streams, it will be a dream-come-true for musicians who want to mix music digitally.

The interface should have ports that include headphone outputs as well as those that facilitate the cascading of additional devices.

Finally, the audio computer interface you buy has to be affordable. State-of-the-art technology will not get popular unless the end user can afford to buy it. Also, the manufacturer has to offer an attractive warranty on parts as well as labor, apart from good technical support.