Computer and Computer Accessories

by : Mohit Sharma

Computers have made it possible for working more smoothly and in better sync for daily operations, e-commerce, government, banking, entertainment etc. Internet has converged complex operations and has brought it into one machine. Computers have been designed as per the user's requirements, like-

Personal Computer: Computer designed for general use by a single person.
Desktop: A PC that is not designed for portability.
Laptop: Also called notebooks, they are portable computers
Palmtop: More commonly known as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), palmtops are tightly integrated computers that often use flash memory instead of a hard drive for storage. A slightly larger and heavier version of the palmtop is the handheld computer.
Workstation: A desktop computer that has a more powerful processor and has enhanced capabilities for performing a special group of task, such as 3D Graphics or game development.
Server - A computer that has been optimized to provide services to other computers over a network.
The other types of computer designed to offer all the more comfort to its user include the minicomputer, super computer, wearable, etc.

The computer is surrounded by its essential accessories like the keyboard, mouse, speakers, display screen, Bluetooth, modem etc. The accessories make the computer more functional and easier and it can be exploited to its core. The Printer allows you to take print outs of the required matter immediately and the scanner enables you to upload the tangible paper written matter on to the computer. Now-a-days the Printer, scanner, photocopy and fax are available in one device for comforted utility and less botheration.

Data was carried around in floppies, then came the CD's offering more capacity (about 700 MB), then came the DVD's, offering storage upto + 4 GB and the latest offering being the Blue-ray disks which claim to carry around more than 10 GB of data. So a DVD or a Blue-ray drive is required to run these available facilities.

A PC can also be turned into a home-theater system by plugging in the right speakers, woofers and amplifiers. A good surround sound system attached can amaze you and your neighbours. A LCD screen for display can take up less space for your desktop and gives you better viewing experience. Now a step beyond optical mouse and keyboards are the wireless mouse and keyboard. They are connected through the attached Bluetooth in your PC and you can operate your PC sitting ideally in your bed. But make sure you do not lose it.

The high speed modem connection offers great internet speed for your seamless browsing and downloading. One thing that is to be taken care, is to make sure that the accessories you buy is supported by your system and is not overloading the capacity of the system. For eg- an addition of external memory can slow down the speed of your PC if the RAM (Read Access Memory) is not enough to support the external additions.
Thus one needs to know the capacity and the ability of the computer to tone down to the change and the support it offers to the accessories added.

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