Hp Ink Cartridges: Widened Options

by : Brayan Russell

Printer ink cartridges have been in use since a long time now. These supply the fuel your printer needs to bring out the printouts. The ink cartridges contain required to print out the script that the software instructs the printer to print. This ink cartridge can be either refilled or simply replaced when they run out of ink. HP ink cartridges also come with the print-head incorporated inside them.

HP (Hewlett Packard) Ink Cartridges were introduced in the market more than a decade ago, and over the years have been doing fine business. HP is among the four largest worldwide inkjet printer brands, that has maintained a consistent standard of their ink cartridges. Their quest for innovation is corroborated by their extensive R & D programs through which they strive for even more improved quality of ink cartridges in terms of durability and economical ink cartridges to cater to a larger section of the market.

Earlier this year in 2007, HP took the initiative to introduce multiple ink cartridges in a worldwide campaign. Many of its consumer printers, in fact, are now available with this multiple ink cartridge package option. HP's new Specialty cartridges deliver enhanced performance that augment consumer satisfaction.

Be it standard ink formulations, ideal for professional-quality photographs or paper prints, HP ink cartridges give the users more choice and greater value for their printing needs.

New cartridge options are available to save purchase costs for customers whose printing needs are nominal, and lower cost-per-page ink cartridge packages for customers whose printing requirements are high.

HP's three color-coded categories are delivering the print quality that customers have become accustomed to. The inkjet cartridges options offered by HP are available in the market in the following packages:

1. Standard cartridges in a blue package. This has a lower purchase price.

2. Value cartridges in a green package. This one offers a lower cost per page compared to standard cartridges. New high-yield XL cartridges in this line of product offers customers with almost 30-45 % savings on a cost-per-page basis.

3. Specialty cartridges in a red package. It offers special features for customers with special print jobs.

The cartridges will be interchangeable. This will allow users who print volumes of text-only documents, to use an XL black cartridge and a standard colour cartridge in the same printer.

HP ink cartridges are the products that take complete care of user-requirements and are packaged and marketed accordingly.