Dell Customer Reviews for Dell Services

by : James Kara Murat

Dells had a track record of pleased customers and excellent customer services until recently. The ever increasing series of customer complaints indicate that the brand name is suffering major set backs in terms of its market repute as a leading company in the computer and printer market. Dell clients and customers who had once appreciated the quick response level are somewhat now provoked by the customer service reps who fail to attend their issues and leave them in the open to deal their problems on their own.

Contrary to this is the fact that Dell has a significantly large list of repeat customers who find Dell printer and computer purchases ideally durable, performance efficient and affordable. Hence it is true that where Dell has been given negative reviews by many, the compliments the company gets out do the complaints.

One of the reviews at says "I use a printer once every few days but I require superior results. The Dell 1710N does not disappoint. It produces clear print quality. It produces fast copies. For the first time I created two side copies by simply checking the box in the print options window. The printer did the rest. Very quiet operation. It's almost a great printer..."

Dell being a giant in the computer industry has been facing certain lags from its tech support departments. Dell executives acknowledge the fact that Dell customer complaints were being caused due to the slow response level coming from their customer support personnel located in various countries. For this reason dell shifted back most of its customer services to US. They retrained their employees and took measures to resolve pending customer complaints.

"Dell they are awesome people there. They are very helpful Customer Service. I bought a Desktop the 2400 One. And I love it. And I had a problem with it so I called Dell and I told my problem to a Person there at Dell. They tried to get it resolved over the phone then they said let me just send out these 3 Cd's to get your System back and Running like u just got it since I did that with the Cd's I love my Dell 2400 Desktop. 2 Months later I bought another Dell 2400 and now I am getting ready to buy a Handheld/PDA from Dell. There Shipping is Awesome." Says a review at epinions

Most customers are found to be giving negative reviews about the Dell customer service that has been outsourced to India. The Indian customer service department has been reported for bad communication, slow response and most significantly the long hold they put the customer on during a phone conversation.

One of the reviews at epinion complains "I have had very good experiences with Dell (online ordering). I have purchased two desktops, an Inspiring 700m, three digital cameras and much more. Delivery has always been very fast; prices good and I have always received exactly what I ordered. Dell offers good products at good prices, just stay away from customer service. Those people are based in India or somewhere and can barely speak English. God help you if you have to call them for some reason."