Sd Card and Its Salient Features

by : Lesley Lyon

Secure Digital memory cards (SD Cards) are tiny and easy to use memory storage devices, which can be utilized for a wide range of host devices.? The SD card is compatible, has broad inter operability and already supported by more than 665 companies worldwide.?

This tiny, easy to use card offers a multitude of powerful advantages by linking an assortment of digital equipment through its easy connectivity and does not require the use of a PC.? The omnipresent network era has emerged and its key is the SD Memory card.

The SD memory card measures 24 mm x 32 mm x 2.1 mm.? It is slim, compact and easy to handle and can be moved between different appliances.? An SD memory card compatible device plays music, video clips and movies without a drive mechanism unlike in CD and DVD players, using decoder software.? Due to this, the product designers get new creative freedom to make the equipment more compact.?

SD memory cards are now available in several capacities and new 2, 4 and 8 GB cards are in the making.? Large capacity of SD memory cards are used in various digital content type and high quality video.? SD memory cards have high-speed data transfer capacity which is essential especially in large volume of data.?

The content protection technology for the SD memory card developed by 4C is the key to enable a new distribution system for music, movie and other media since it gives a high level of protection against unlawful piracy.? This protection is enhanced in SD memory card through built-in 'key revocation' technology.? Copying from PC to the SD memory card is constrained to three copies in compliance with the SDMI specification.? With SD memory card, expansion of networking is also possible.?

There are mini SD cards and micro SD cards that are used in mobile phones.? Mini SD cards are of the size of a stamp whereas the micro SD card is 15 mm long and 11 mm wide - small to the extent of keeping at the tip of the finger.? Even though mini SD cards and micro SD cards are small, they have all the features of a SD card including copy protection.

The salient features of the SD cards are their security feature having a high level copy right protection function, of compact and perfect size for audio players and mobile phones, speed with about 10MB per second and in addition a protection switch to prevent accidental erasure.

SD memory card is a smart device that fix into any standard input/output slot and plugs straight into a normal USB slot.? SD memory cards do not need adaptors, cables or wire to transfer data to the PC.? SD memory card is necessary when traveling or taking work home from the office.