Lenovo Versus Fujitsu

by : Eden Ali

Lenovo ThinkPad X61s versus Fujitsu lifebook S2210

For comparing the Levono versus Fujitsu, the Levono thinkpad X61s has some feautures well loved by people which makes them prefer it when it is compared with the Fujitsu lifebook S2210. Let us first look at these two laptop notebook singly before giving our comparism.

Fujitsu Lifebook is a laptop that is very suitable for business. It has all its amazing features, and an addition to it, it came out as a very light, and flat laptop pc. Fujitsu LifeBook S2210 provides users with so many features that will make you feel like a genius. The size of the RAM is good enough for your work, and its small screen size gives it an attrative look if it is viewed from any angle. Before i forget, i should also tell you that the Fujitsu is a strong laptop, although less strong when compared to Panasonic and some other types.

Anyway, there are a few things i don't like in this laptop notebook. The standard display is not so perfect, in that it affects my sight whenever i sit watching movies for a long time. Also, the battery life is so bad, i never expected it so. If i want to watch movies, or use my laptop for a long, i have to keep it in the charge, and that affects my carrying it around, despite its portability. You might just want to take a quick look at some of its specs. AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile technology (1.6 GHz), 2 GB DDR II SDRAM, 3.5 lbs, 13.3 in TFT active matrix, Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Microsoft Windows Vista.

I recommend you buy a laptop computer the is Windows XP pro compatible. The ThinkPad X61s has offered me a lot of outstanding features if i compare the two laptops. Its excellent processor gives me comfort for use anytime, even in my office. My pleasure is also crowned up when i use it in my car. It is so light that i dont need a servant to carry it for me. I am not a fan of a big screen laptop, and this one practically meets my need. Check out some of the specs that i enjoy for my comfortability. Intel Core Duo (1.4 GHz), 512 MB DDR II SDRAM, 12.1 in TFT active matrix, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, Microsoft Windows Vista. Before you buy anyone, i suggest that you talk some expert about demonstation of these models for you to see.

Having seen this comparism, i think you will have to stick you your favourite. Go for Lifebook, go for .