Fujitsu Versus Averatec

by : Eden Ali

Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 versus Averatec 2371 N2371DH1E-1

When i first started using laptops at around age 13, i was only used to names likes Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, Apple, Asus, and those popular ones used in movies and other places i have visited. But the first time i came across Averatec, first the name shooked me, and i wondered if it was going to serve my purpose of owning a laptop notebook.

I went for the Averatec 2371 N2371DH1E-1, and since i bought it in April, i have never stopped loving it. It has an excellent performance in gaming for my satisfaction, it is very portable,that i carry like a "kite". It is quite cheap, around $1,000 or a little less or more. If you look at some of the specs, you will be impressed, trust me!

Averatec 2371 N2371DH1E-1 - Turion 64 X2 TL-52 1.6 GHz , 1 GB DDR II SDRAM, a weight of 4.2 lbs, 12.1 in TFT active matrix screen display, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Vista home premium. I love the screen size, although i used to think that i will go for a larger one, but it suits me. Thanks to you Averatec.

I also disliked its operating system, i have always preferred Windows XP Pro, which seems to be the best.

After i used Averatec, the next one was Fujitsu, and you know what? I can't seem to understand why i go for such names of laptop computers, but i just find myself going for them, and the most important thing is, they have not let me down.

The Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 model was not in my first 10 laptop models, because i used to think of products like , and some other strong laptop pcs, but this stylish, sleek, and very portable laptop computers seem so imposible to resist.

It combines a lot of features with the ones i have mentioned above. It is my excellent working tool, giving my a good and productive office use. Its design also makes it proud to be used outside for others to see. The Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 has turned many heads, and is still turning many head. Actually, i think they are next to Apple laptops when it comes to design. I suggest you go through some features so you can know what you are taking home is actually a high-performance machine. They include Intel Core Solo (1.2 GHz), 1 GB DDR II SDRAM, 2.9 lbs, 10.6 in TFT active matrix, Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Microsoft Windows Vista.

The comparism about should give you one option, so decide which one it is.