Avery Label Sizes & Types

by : James Kara Murat

The two general categories of Avery labels are the printer labels and the copier labels. Avery printer labels are found in two broad types known as Avery inkjet labels and laser labels, each of which can be further divided into multiple types. The various types of Avery inkjet labels are clear labels, white labels, mini labels and quick dry white labels.

The clear labels are found in different sized varieties each containing different numbers of labels per sheet. The commonly available varieties contain 1, 8, 14, 16 or 21 labels on one page. As the number of labels per page increases, the size of each label subsequently decreases. One label per page offers the largest labels, each of which is 210mm x 297mm in dimensions. 8 labels per page have standard dimensions of 99.1mm x 67.7mm. Similarly, smaller ones having dimensions of 99.1mm x 34mm are available as 16 labels per page. The smallest clear labels manufactured by Avery are of the dimensions 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm and are found as 21 labels on each page.

The Avery labels are found in a large number of different sizes such as 199.6mm x 289.1mm found as 1 label per page, 199.6mm x 143.5mm found as 2 labels per page and 139mm x 99.1mm available as 4 labels per page. In addition, white labels are also found in the dimensions 99.1mm x 93.1mm as 6 labels per page and 99.1mm x 67.7mm as 8 labels per page. The 10, 12 and 14 labels per page are of the standard Avery dimensions 99.1mm x57.0mm, 63.5mm x72mm and 99.1mm x38.1mm respectively. Other commonly available sizes of Avery white labels are 99.1x34.0mm and 63.5x46.6mm which are sold as 16 and 18 labels per page respectively.

The mini labels are found in 4 different sizes, the largest of which is 45.7mm x 25.4mm in size, sold as 40 labels per page. Next in size are the labels with dimensions 38.1mm x 21.2 mm available as 65 labels per page. Next is the size 25.4mm x 10mm, which is found as 189 labels per page. The smallest mini labels are only 17.8mm x 10mm in size and are found as 270 labels per page. The quick dry white labels are also found in a variety of sizes and packs containing different numbers of sheets.

The laser labels by Avery are found in five types known as clear labels, heavy duty labels, removable labels, white labels and mini labels. Each of these is found in multiple sizes. Other types of labels are mailing labels, color printing labels, special use labels, filing labels and identification labels. The Avery copier labels are also found in multiple sizes ranging from 210mm x 297mm to 70mm x 30mm.