Staples Customer Complaints

by : James Kara Murat

In spite of the fact that Staples is the largest retailer of office supplies in USA, there are numerous customer complaints about their service, products and policies. Most of the complaints are about the high prices, poor service and lack of efficiency in delivering the ordered products. Customers have often complained about certain purchased items as being defective especially the computers.

A few customers have made a complaint about having bought an ink cartridge from Staples which had a capacity much smaller than the specified capacity. Sometimes a cartridge is only found to be half filled. Quite often, customers complain that a cartridge bought from staples was found defective; either it did not work at all, displayed only a few colors or produced poor quality prints. Customers often mention in their reviews that when they tried to get their money back in return of a faulty cartridge, they were only paid half the total sum.

Sometimes, a Staples cartridge suffers from clogged or bleeding nozzle, which makes a mess of the printer. A customer has written in his review that he tried to have his money refunded and be paid for having his printer cleaned, but the supervisor plainly refused to pay. Usually, either the refunding is completely refused or done only in part. In addition, the refunding process is made so difficult and lengthy that a person would prefer staying without his money instead of going through all the trouble. A certain customer's review says that he ordered a cartridge, paid for it online, but never received it.

Besides, Staples is often criticized for its excessively high prices. Many customers criticize the lack of assistance from the salespersons while shopping. A large number of customers have had bad experiences regarding online orders and their delivery. Most often, the delivery of online orders is not on time. Customers have mentioned multiple events when they had to wait for numerous days for their ordered goods.

A particular customer has written in his review that he ordered 400 funeral program copies to be printed on urgent basis, but his order was completely forgotten. Grace, a customer from Freeport, writes in her review that "On 11/25/07, I purchased Turbo Tax software for 99.99 plus tax. I did not use it since it turned out that it was the wrong software to begin with. On 12/02/07, I went back to the store to return this purchase and the cashier refused to accept it because the box was opened." This is just one of the so many examples of the kind.

Yet, another customer expressed his disappointment over the lack of concern of the manager when his vehicle was stolen from the parking lot of one of the Staples stores, while he was inside the store. In short, the customers have wide range of complaints against the Staples' managers, supervisors and sales team.