Information Outsourcing Technology

by : Deepak Khanna

The need for Systems Analysis and Design

Most of you must have heard about "System analysis and design" but many may not know exactly what is the importance of this. Lets have a look here at this here.

We are living in the information age. All businesses require information systems in order to operate effectively. Systems analysis and design is the process of developing information systems that effectively use hardware, software, data processes and people to support the company's business objectives. Systems analysis is normally done by a systems analyst working in the IT department in conjunction with users from the user department. Systems analysis processes involve team work. A successful project team consist of welltrained people from IT as well as user departments.

Through a focus on offering total solutions which address clients' needs precisely and completely, the Systems analysis and design professionals emphasizes the importance of planning, analysis, and solution design in the process of evaluating and acquiring infrastructure solutions. Planning and conducting and needs assessment are often some of the crucial first steps. Analysis involves collecting and interpreting data around the current environment and performance, as well as mapping trends. Solution design involves the "blueprint" or architecture of the infrastructure as guided by the results of the planning and analysis

As technology becomes exponentially more important to modern day businesses, the benefits of capacity planning are seen throughout the data center and in the bottom line. Systems analysis and design capacity planning specialists work with organizations to plan for growth and future needs while establishing their current infrastructure to perform optimally. This way they help companies identify potential bottlenecks and establish an environment that will meet needs today and tomorrow.