A Rhub User Scenario: Hosting a Web Conference Made Easy

by : Don Rainwater

We needed to share very sensitive proprietary data and we were more concerned with access security than with data transmission security. RHUB's security is light years ahead of the others. They have the ability to restrict access by your IP address as well as by firewall. It is like setting up a mini VPN for your meeting. I think it is very secure and would be hard to beat.

Something else we needed to do was drive the cost down of our remote support. We were using a hosted solution that was expensive. We found RHUB and started using its remote support appliance and we like it very much. Once when I was on a web conference pitch my Mac froze up. The guy pitching to me was using some software...it wasn't RHUB. He had to restart the conference. That was before our company started using RHUB. I later suggested RHUB to him because it has worked perfectly and has definitely never frozen on me.

We had been using two systems, one for a remote support tool and one for web conferencing collaboration. But we use the RHUB the 4-in-1 on-premise for several different types of meetings. It works great. We paid a one time fee that equaled about four months of services fees with another company, but we now own the 4-in-1 conference appliance. We have been using web conferencing a lot more. The fear of high costs is eliminated.

Another problem we had before was that during meetings many people would have problems getting the software running. The antivirus would block their access or the IT staff had locked down their computers to avoid viruses, malicious software, and worms. But RHUB Turbomeeting product has a Universal Access Mode that provides consistent access. We get great performance from RHUB products. I highly recommend their products.