Hookup Choices to Own Web Conferencing

by : Don Rainwater

What if there was a web conferencing system that could hookup to Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and iPhone? What if you could own it instead of paying monthly fees? Would you like to get two meeting rooms and ten attendees for $995.00? That's a one time cost (RHUB-200), not a monthly fee. Perhaps you would like to have five meeting rooms and twenty attendees-you can get that with RHUB-500 and your cost is a one time fee of $1,995.00. If you need fifty meeting rooms and two-hundred attendees the RHUB-1000 will meet your needs. The RHUB can set you up with any combination of rooms and attendees that you desire.

Your local consultant will be able to easily install RHUB on your network. Your competitors may already be using web conferencing tools which can put them ahead of the game. But they may not be using RHUB, which can boost you way ahead of the game. Your game plan must include cutting costs and boosting efficiency and these are two benefits of using the RHUB conferencing appliance.

Maybe you are already utilizing web conferencing, but you are having connection problems or you are dissatisfied with all of the add-ons your current system requires. If you are experiencing these problems then it is time to give the RHUB conferencing appliance a chance to prove it is the better option.

If you have not tried web conferencing now is the time to try it. The RHUB web conferencing appliance is recommended. You can get control of your meetings without travel costs, you will have superior security, and you can own your own web conferencing system. Now is the time for you to jump into the twenty-first century and conduct meetings via the internet with the best system.