IT & Information Technology Certification

by : Ranjan Arora

I am absolutely amazed by number of candidates who are misguided or misinformed and believe that once they enroll for training program and achieve certification they can expect starting bill rate of $50/hr+ without having any previous experience or background.

Certification no doubt helps enhancing your salary or hourly rate but anyone believing that being a fresher or in between different profession transition, with no relevant IT experience can earn or command higher billing because they have just completed and achieved a certification.This couldn't be more further than the truth. If one believes that the certification itself will give you a job' then you are wrong. An IT certification exam like MCSE or CCNA, may 'help you get a job' but on its alone can't give you a job never mind top billing or salary.

Getting a job & individual earnings capacity, is combination of lot of variables like years of practical experience, highest level of education achieved, communication skills, personality traits, adaptability, location, aptitude, learning desire, ambition level, networking skills, competition etc. Yes it is true that IT professionals generally make much more than other professions relatively speaking but it is years of hard work, combination of practical experience & knowledge and keeping yourself abreast of latest technology.

Problem is unrealistic expectations, misinformation, and instant gratification attitude, sorry it will only lead to frustration and setting yourself for failure. Don't expect too much initially? Individuals have lots of expectations about IT career and certification exams. Some of them are appropriate while many of them not. Anyone getting started in IT profession or making a transition should have realistic goals & expectations. Have a clear plan to work thru within certain time frame.

Individuals should expect a learning curve and hardwork before they can expect handsome salaries or hourly bill rate. A certification can definitely help you gain job stability or rise in career but don't expect too much too quick. Like everything in life there is a price to pay to get a rewarding career.

So, make sure that you have right reasons, clear objective and game plan for taking the certifications and again have a realistic expectation. Don't be in a hurry to make this very important decision without doing proper and extensive research.