Mergers, Acquisitions, Ecommerce: Policies of Business Expansion

by : Anne Catherine

Mergers and Acquisitions are the go of the day. The acronym M&A as is commonly used for the purpose is almost necessary and the companies are feeling the need of an M&A more and more. Cross border mergers and the acquisitions is one step that every big concern tries to apply in order to increase its brand name and not to say profits also. The best part is that today the bigger concerns of the developed countries are interested in expanding their business in the developing and under developed countries also. Companies are buying and selling stakes all over the world and are also interested in opening up their outlets in such countries that were unthinkable a few years back.

Talking about mergers and acquisitions, the foreign countries are growing more and more interested in India. The lucrative market of India and China are proving to be head turners and countries like the US and the UK are turning their attention towards India and China. The unthinkable is happening inspite of all the threats from the anti social elements like terrorism that is very rampant especially in India. It is really a matter to reckon that today we have exclusive showrooms of luxury cars in the markets of India. The same India that tops the list in such categories as poverty, population, maternity death, illiteracy etc. The recent Audi and BMW showrooms that opened up in Gurgaon are examples. Not to mention the exclusive showrooms of luxury brands like Armani, Versace, CK, Tag Heuer and the list just goes on.

In India big concerns are willing to make investments. Recently, the Emaar group that has the distinction of building Burj Dubai the tallest building in the world is taking interest in the market of India. They are coming in the market with quite a few projects and as they say "a dream for India". The recent venture of the big shots like Vodafone into the Indian market, and the venture of the Indian concerns into the international market like that of Tata, Reliance, and the Aditya Birla group is indicator of the new trends that are coming up in the field of modern day business. Intra country expansion of companies is a matter of the yesteryears. Today, the business houses are growing more and more ambitious and are going beyond the geographical limits of their countries in order to brighten their business prospects. One very important but seldom mentioned factor that has opened up India to the world view is the glamour world or to be precise Bollywood as the Indian film industry is referred to as.

Coming back to the tools of expanding business, nowadays all the business concerns be it a big business house or a tiny one, is much willing to have an online presence or to be particular an estore. Ecommerce is the go of the day and is proving to be immensely helpful in the growth of business. Nowadays a productive , along with a well designed , is enough to run a business online. Just get in touch with a good , from where one can get services depending on the budget and the scale of business one is dealing in. If you are price conscious get in touch with an , offshore software development company for low priced premium solutions!