Very Slim Mobile Phone Sony Ericsson S500

by : prabakar

The Sony Ericsson S500 mobile phone has very basic internal memory as standard so it will be able to hold a few mp3s, images and other data but if you manage to fill the 12mb up you can buy an additional memory stick micro and insert it into the slot to upgrade your memory. Be sure to check around the available sizes as you will need a bigger memory card if you plan on using it as an mp3 player. The battery life is very impressive on this particular model, it can last a stunning 370 hours on standby and it has around 9 hours worth of talk time before you would need to recharge the battery included.

The Sony Ericsson S500 mobile phone has an inbuilt 2.0 mega pixel camera which can reach a maximum of 1600 x 1200 pixels in each photo making them clear and crisp. You can edit images on your phone/computer if you install the software included in the box and then print them off to frame or keep as a hard copy the camera is capable of recording videos as well as taking pictures. You can also zoom in with ease. Sony Ericsson S500 has an inbuilt flash so pictures taken in dark conditions will still come out looking professional and clear.

This camera phone appeals to many people because it has the latest functions and features, a decent camera and is a small sleek design its dimensions are just 3.9 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches so you can trade in your bulky phone and get this work of art. Sony Ericsson S500 only weighs 3.3 oz which is great as people take the weight into consideration as you wouldn't want a heavy phone. You will be able to tackle any day to day activities, making them easier than ever by using tools such as a calculator, calendar, stop watch, inbuilt hands free, flight mode and many more.

The overall usability of the phone is great, like most other Sony Ericsson mobile phone you will be able to pick this phone up and use it like you have had it years. You can add a touch of your personality by changing the ringtones, backgrounds, themes and screensaver so you can find one to suit your mood and preference. It is also capable of running java games so that you can pass some time but beware, they are highly addictive and once you complete one you will want to download another.

The Sony Ericsson S500 mobile phone is packed with great features and will be capable of meeting any ones mobile phone requirements. You can connect this phone to your computer with the USB cable and software provided so you can transfer music, images and other data between them for what ever reason you want. You can also use the infrared and Bluetooth facilities to exchange data with another compatible device which is very common in today's world. The Sony Ericsson S500 mobile phone has a colour TFT display capable of reaching 262.144 colors and houses 240 x 320 pixels giving you the best visibility even in the worse possible conditions. Please purchase online