Mobile Phones: a High Tech Invention

by : Adam Jaylin

The mobile phone has become a wide phenomena. The mobile phone business is thriving and is minting millions through it. The users have become so much accustomed to this little gadget that life seems practically impossible without mobile phones. In fact, the most dreaded nightmare comes alive with the very though of forgetting our mobile phone at our homes. This is the extent to which these mobile phones are popular with all of us. We can't deny the usability of as a device. They have been transformed into all inclusive devices which come with features as camera, MP3 player, GPS system, FM radio, document viewer, Internet tablet, and a lot more things in it, which has made it immensely popular amongst every age group.

The camera phones were considered to be a novelty at the time when they were introduced. The camera phones now a days are considered to be the most normal feature in any mobile phone and now these camera phones are ranked on the basis of their Mega Pixels and camera phones which are as good as 5 Mega Pixels have also arrived in the market. In fact, Sony Ericsson launched the cyber shot series which laid emphasis on the camera and it was quite popular amongst the users. The second most sought after feature in any mobile phone is the integrated music player in this device. The Walkman series by Sony Ericsson, xpress music series by Nokia and Apple iPhone come in the league of giving the best music to its users through the mobile phones.

The other features which have been highlighted in this device that have worked very well in the mobile phones are known as GPS system, Internet tablet, emailing, FM radio, 3G and more. Gone are those times when mobile phones were a mere instrument of telecommunication. Come to the present time and you would notice that the mobile phones are not just any gadget but a power packed device that incorporates a lot of features in it. Surely, mobile phones have made our lives easy and convenient.