Dating Over Mobile Phone

by : Ian Ball

Mobile phone dating has become a common issue now-a-days. It allows individuals to chat and to send messages, which it turn results in more meeting and get into romantically involved in some span of time. Mobile phone dating service permits its users to store their personal data in the form of a short profile under their specific dating ID. The users can browse over the internet to find suitable dating ID matching to their own profile. Instead of browsing net, they can also take the privilege of such services by calling certain numbers as dictated by this service. Commonly, these services are free to register, but the revenue is mostly generated with the service charges associated with the text messaging.


Likewise other dating services, mobile phone dating services have become very popular among the masses, especially among the groups of youngsters. It enhances the opportunity to increase the social network and helps to build relation among different individuals, irrespective of caste, class, race, creed, gender, in most of the time. Using these types of services, users are able to interact with individuals sharing same values, or focusing on same goal in life. They even have the flexibility to consider same cultural or financial values.

The technological advancement brings revolution to this service as well. In some cases, the dating service companies implement homing devices in order to alert users if another subscriber is within 30ft distance.

It is believed that the increasing popularity of mobile phone dating is mainly because of an increase in online dating service as a whole. And you do not need to wait for sitting in front of your computer, if you can access this service even when you are moving through bus.


Undoubtedly, this is a wonderful service to find a suitable match, but still it is not beyond criticism. Firstly, there is always a possibility for loosing privacy. As you are providing your personal details, there is always a high chance that your private information may be used illegitimately. Secondly, there is a possibility of getting harassed with spam messages or undesired calls even when you are no more willing to be subscribed. Thirdly, most of the individuals still rely on PC or laptop to browse internet because of the clarity and flexibility of using internet, hence online dating system.

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