Shopping on Mobile Phone

by : Ian Ball

When are we going for the shopping? A child asked his father. Father replied, I don't have time, shopping can be done on Internet or by mobile phone- my son. Such is the world today that we make use of the mobile phone or computer to do anything. Any type of service or education or marketing or research or planning or media coverage can be had from these devices.

Mobile phone shopping is as simple as making one or two call. Computer marketing has been captured by mobile phones.
Any doubt about the product or any thing can be cleared buy online chatting. One can chat on phone for marketing anything from any corner of world. A simple query can be clarified as face-to-face discussion. We can shop with other countries, stock exchange, exotic locations that are difficult to be seen; renting DVDs, purchasing car, computer mobile phone can be done on mobile phone. Not only mobile phone number helps to leave an automatic contact number to be called later.

The mobile phone is gaining its popularity in shopping at an exponential rate. Broadband adoption is on increase hence the opportunity of marketing for the consumers will also increase. It will help in comparing the prices of the product or services as we search for the best deal. Statistics prepared by a recent study, 45% web users have broadband connection at their home. And trends show that people are more likely t use online shopping facility.

There is no secret about the mobile phone, that it is a source of best e bargaining. Mobile phones have brought shopper's dream true. For the people who are concerned about stretching their pockets, have gets a best deal at rock-bottom rate, then the mobile phone is the best bargaining tool in shopping that will ever exist. Reason is simple and straight that rates of a product are generally cheaper online than at local shop. There is also possibility that one can ask the supplier to present his product physically. Supplier also vacates this caveat before the placing an order for actual supply of the product.

There is other benefit of online shopping; one can save his time, or money instead altogether reaching mall through heavy traffic jam. Obviously online comparison by mobile phone marketing is worth than pavement or retailer shop for a best deals and to get the standard and genuine product.