Mobile Phone and Children Safety

by : Ian Ball

Mobile phone is a most used gadget of the day. It is extensively used houses, offices, trains, and hospitals. Its importance raises many questions: one among them is what is its effect on a child? A child at very early stage comes in contact with a mobile phone, he plays with his mom's phone, he starts picking up the phone and gets fully involve with craziness of this stuff.

Children have responded to the boom in communication technology copying their nears and dears. Now it is an insult to a teenager to be seen without a latest launched mobile phone. In the early days parents and guardians were not concerned with the safety of children from evils and side effects because mobile phone technology was at nascent stage. Now as its side effects in society and health are seen, the children safety has become a paramount concern to the parent. Now parents are concerned with safety of a child from mobile phone.

Matter of good or bad of the mobile phone is somewhat varied in the sense of its use or misuse. Today child is tomorrow's teenage and a citizen. There are various concerns about misuse of mobile phones by teenagers like speaking on mobile phone while driving, wasting of time instead making good use of it in constructive work or in study. Truly speaking, the age between 5 to 22 years is for studying and should be utilized on school or college work or on other activities like sporting, singing etc.

As Information Technology is developing day by day, so the mobile phone technology is improving towards sophistication and its applications. Therefore, the dangers due to misuse of mobile phones by teenager are also on rise. The latest technology has produced such a mobile phone that has access to wireless Internet and makes it almost as a home computer. Therefore mobile phone has become as dangerous as computer, if misused. No doubt a child age is prone to adopt bad habits and diseases.
Mobile phones can send e-mail, SMS, picture to friends as well as to strangers. Chatting is one of the worst forms of habit among children, which trap them to lead into dangerous activities. Cyber stalking is not an uncommon practice among children and it is on increase alarmingly.

There is a lot of campaign towards safety of mobile phone users especially for kids and teenagers. Definitely there is awareness among parents, teachers and elders, but results of this awareness are yet to be seen. Child safety from mobile phone needs a dedicated and multifaceted continuous approach. It is essential to outline the importance of the mobile phone with its consequences.

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