Earning An MCSE Certification Is No Simple Task!

by : Kingweb

As an IT professional, you understand all too well the importance of certifications. Obtaining a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification is definitely a positive move for your career. MCSE is a Microsoft-specific certification that proves your knowledge and abilities in the design and implementation of the network infrastructure for businesses. The MCSE certification requires the IT professional to successfully pass seven exams. No wonder it's considered one of Microsoft's Premier Certifications.

In today's highly competitive IT market, advancing your education is very important. The fact that you are rising above other IT professionals to keep your competitive edge does not go unnoticed. Business owners looking for a self-motivated engineer to fill a position in their company often look for current certifications. Microsoft offers a wide variety of Microsoft Certified Professional certifications. Microsoft's certifications carry a lot of influence with business owners. Whatever Microsoft certification you're pursuing, you won't be disappointed by the results after you add your certification to your resume.

Earning an MCSE certification is no simple task. This fact, paired with the demand for corporate level IT professionals, makes an MCSE a very valuable certification to acquire.

Your MCSE may be on Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000, Windows NT4.0 or Windows 2000. MCSE training is most appropriate for those already in a professional IT field. Systems engineers, technical support engineers, systems analysts, network analysts and technical consultants would already be familiar with the basic framework in a business' infrastructure. IT professionals who have experience are already be familiar with some of the subject matter on the exams and would have the ability to put real-world experience to the test. Related work experience gives you the edge over someone who isn't as familiar with design and implementation of a network infrastructure.

After you have achieved the MCSE certification on the operating system of your choice, you will have the opportunity to pick a specialty to further set yourself apart from your peers. MCSE specializations are a way for IT professionals to more easily identify their focus in a particular field. You may choose to specialize in messaging or security with any MCSE certification you acquire. Business owners often require an employee with specific specialization in security. An MCSE: Security would let potential employers know you are MCSE certified with a focus on security.

Many websites offer reading material, study guides and even free practice tests to help you prepare for your MCSE exam. Microsoft often offers a free second-chance test if you don't pass the exam the first time. Many professionals require a second chance, so don't let a first-exam failure deter you from reaching your goal.

The seven examinations leading up to certification consist of four on networking, one on client operations, one on design and one elective. The elective examination is of your choice and ranges from servers to security. Upon completion of the exams, you will receive your MCSE Certificate, a wallet card, a lapel pin and a few other bonus gifts from Microsoft. Students passing the examination can download their transcripts through the exclusive MCP member website. You will reap the benefits of the real reward when you've added your MCSE certification to your resume and negotiated a higher salary or landed a new job.

In addition to your certificate and other gifts from Microsoft, you will receive great deals on industry-specific magazines, websites and MCP-only databases. Through the MCP member website, you can access Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online. The magazine has been regarded as one of the industry's leading career and professional development magazines. Regular online chats with other Microsoft professionals will keep you in the loop and help further your education and career.