The New Way of Searching Today - New Search Engine Tripleme

by : Andrew Sorokin

Using the metasearch concept pioneered by the well-known DogPile, Excite or HotBob Search Providers, TripleMe provides web surfers the top ten organic results from major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN on each page. Results display in a single-page side by side comparison allowing users to quickly find relevant links for the search string they entered. TripleMe has grown in popularity with over 1,000 unique visitors using the engine per day.

Designed to be user-friendly, the robust searching capabilities on TripleMe allow users to interactively generate sophisticated search strings by including logical constructions. To give users a more comfortable and useful searching experience, the search engine also offers a free toolbar download that is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

According to TripleMe users statistic data, based on 20,000 requests, 40 percent of users found their results in the Google column, 31 percent in the Yahoo column and 27 percent in the MSN Live column. With TripleMe 3 in 1 solution you are never miss valuable results.

From our view we noticed that TripleMe Search Engine supports search requests in all languages, netting a global and local searches; something not currently offered with other metasearch engines. TripleMe's robust search features also give users spelling suggestions from the three different search engines and can list results for maps, pictures, books and more.

Though fresh off the press, this metasearch provider has incorporated many useful search features unavailable with providers like WebCrawler, DogPile or HotBob. It's convenient, diverse, and really easy to use. TripleMe's 3 in 1 search solution is a great way of searching today.

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