Important Facts for Mobile Phone Users:

by : Ian Ball

During Emergency - D1al 112:

When you are out of the coverage area of your mobile network, and incase if there is any emergent need to use your mobile phone, dial 112. This process will search for an existing network to establish the call to the emergency number you need.

The Emergency Number worldwide for any Mobile is 112.

This number can also be dialed when the mobile phone keypad is locked.

Do you want to unlock your Car?

This is a very good idea to unlock your car, if you have a mobile phone. With this you can understand how good and comfortable life is, with mobile phone.

Consider this situation, if you had locked your keys in the car and if you have left another set of spare keys somewhere, say your home, then it's so simple to unlock the doors in few seconds. For this to be made easy,

?Just dial to the person's mobile where you have left your car keys, from your mobile.

?See to that, you have your cell phone a foot near to your car and then ask the person at the other end to press the unlock button holding the remote close to the person's mobile.

?Now, you can practically see that your car is unlocked

This way to unlock your car saves time and this procedure works irrespective of the distance.

Reserve Battery Power:

Let us imagine that your mobile battery is very low and at the same time, if you are expecting an important call, this process can help you to attend the call even if you don't have a charger to charge you're mobile.
Nokia mobiles comes with something interesting called as a Reserve Battery. In emergencies, you can just dial *3370# to activate the reserve battery. Once when you are done with this, your mobile will restart and after that you can see that there is 50% increase in the charge with this reserve battery activation. This is also called as Hidden Battery Power.

Disabling a Stolen Mobile:

If someone steals your mobile and change its sim card for their usage, you can block your handset by the following procedure.

?Type *#06# - this will display a 15 digit serial number that is unique for every handset.

?Just note down this 15 digit serial number in any of your personal handbook which you carry safe or have it safe somewhere.

Once you recognize that some one has stolen your mobile, all that you need to block your handset is,

?Just make a call to your service provider and give the person your handset serial number.

?They can block your handset and so that, even if the person who stole your mobile throws away the sim card and put in another sim card, he cannot access your mobiles facilities and it becomes a dumb device.

Is your mobile a duplicate?

It is very essential to know whether your mobile is original or a duplicate.

For this,

Type *#06#

This will display a 15 digit unique serial number. For e.g., say,


Take a look at the serial number.

Now, just notice the seventh and eighth digit of your handset's serial number.

?If the seventh and eighth digit is 02 or 20, it indicates that your mobile is of poor quality and it is a duplicate one.

?If the seventh and eighth digit is 08 or 80, it indicates that your mobile is not of poor quality and it is manufactured in Germany. It is not worst but, worse.

?If the seventh and eighth digit is 01 or 10, it indicates that your mobile is of good quality and it is manufactured in Finland.

?If the seventh and eighth digit is 00, it indicates that your mobile is a best one and it is manufactured in France.

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