Glioma in Adults Due to Mobile Phone Usage

by : Ian Ball

A survey was conducted personally, through interviews and FAQ's in order to find out the risks of glioma. Mobile phones have become a very essential and easiest device for communication irrespective of distance. Hence, the habit of using mobile phones regularly for a longer duration of time is the first root cause for glioma.

It has been clearly identified that there is no such risk was found when the person uses the mobile for the first time, or for many years or even for life time. Glioma is caused only when the person hangs on the call for a long time and when it becomes hot for the ears producing electro magnetic radiations that could affect the brain and cause tumors. The result can be unexpected defects like, memory loss and aphasia. Increased risk was found in ipsilateral phone use.

Reports studied:

Scientists from various parts of the world conducted many test cases to study on Glioma and mobile use. They have found that there was no glioma risk in 60% of the participants who use mobile regularly. But, the cumulative hours of mobile phone use per 100 hrs and when it crosses 10 years of mobile use as same like that causes tumors like neuroma and glioma risks with its grade.

How can Glioma be treated?

When glioma is of low grade, it can be treated easily and the patient can also be recovered soon. But, when glioma becomes high grade, it is difficult to stop it from damaging the other nerves and cells and it requires serious attention to be operated immediately.

What can be done to avoid Glioma?

Mobile phones are just a device to communicate in urgency like how telegraphs were used. It should become an addiction to a person to keep talking for 2-3 hours or so continuously, which will seriously cause ill-effects like tumors and others. These are electronic devices that works with getting it charged in current. So, anything that has something to do with current will surely lead to serious effects when the habit of mobile phone use becomes longer than expected and when it is out of control like severe addiction to talk over for many hours.

There is a very famous proverb, "Prevention is better than cure". So, Glioma can be prevented only when the mobile phone is used at times when it is needed. It is advised not to hold the conversation without speaking for a long time and the users should neither make calls when the phone is charged and nor answer to any of the calls in the same case. Proper use of mobiles with hours of use when considered for long term years should be considered while using Mobile phones.

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