Sony Ericsson W810i: the Magic of a Walkman Phone

by : Henry Kruz

The magic of the Walkman phones never seem to wither away because they are so much in vogue. And all the more, the popularity of this series seem to climb up on the top charts across all the mobile phone freaks around the world. This time, Sony Ericsson W810i is taking the Walkman Flagship ahead as one of the premier models that have been launched by manufactures in the recent times.

Though this handset was announced somewhere in the first quarter of 2006 and its been quite a while since this phone has been launched and appreciated. This Walkman phone, nevertheless, has not failed its users with its wonderful technology and simple looks. Sony Ericsson W810i is designed in a candybar fashion, which doesn't look very much impressive on the face value, nevertheless its features are very well specified and places this device amongst the high end models made by the manufacturers.

The fully functional and brilliant quality MP3 is the highlight of this device that can continue to play music even when the gadget is switched off. The multimedia software is what makes this handset so appealing. Its disc2Phone software allows you to transfer your favourite music tracks from CD to your phone. And the phone memory is also sufficient with a 512 MB card that comes bundled with the retail pack and an external card support that is able to expand its memory up to 2 GB. Thus it helps in storing all of your choicest tracks in this device. So, the party never stops, no matter where you are. You can easily carry your kind of music along with you.

The sound effect produced by Sony Ericsson W810i is simply amazing. It is up to the expectations of the users and it also meets the standard of a Walkman brand. Plus, this device consists of a regular stereo FM radio that is capable of keeping you abreast with the live entertainment and latest events around your area. FM radio can also provide you with a nice change, in case you have grown weary by listening to the same tracks of your music player time and again. Thus, this handset promises you unlimited entertainment.

Allow music to pamper your senses with the , a Walkman phone with a difference!