Tracing the Development of Mobile Phones

by : Henry Kruz

Mobile Phones are being considered as a boon to the present world that has given us a technology that initially started as a communication device but it was eventually modified into a high tech gadget that boasted of some of the high end technologies of the modern world, namely camera, music player, FM radio, Global Positioning system (GPS), Bluetooth, Internet Browser, E-mailing, and so on. So, the bottom line is that you have a convenient replacement for all the above high end gadgets, in one diminutive device, that is also capable of communicating as a phone, is known as a mobile phone.

Well, that sounds quite interesting and very impressive. In a world, where the consumer is pampered to the hilt, he might not waste his time in contemplating over the advancement of mobile phone as a technology. But the fact remains a fact. A gadget that was introduced as a communication device has undergone a metamorphosis, not merely technologically, but also cosmetically. If you compare a mobile phone that came 10 years ago and any mobile phone of today.. you would surely know the difference. Those devices of yesteryears were more like a bricks, and in comparison to them, even the cheapest devices of today are better looking and brilliant in their technology.

Talking about the software, the mobile phones in the beginning were meant to talk, or to send SMS. But the user has become more demanding in today's world. He wants to enjoy the maximum features by paying a minimal amount. On an average, an integrated music players, camera, Bluetooth, and Internet access have become the standard features of any mobile phone. And these features are getting better with each passing day. Now let us analyse the pricing of these mobile phones, the stiff competition has resulted in slashing the prices of these mobile phones to a great extent. This is indeed a drastic improvement in comparison to the mobile phone technology of yesterday.

And if you want to enjoy all the high end features of a mobile phone without actually paying for its cost, then you could easily do so by going for contract mobile phone deals. Thus, you can easily enjoy the benefits of a technology that the world calls as a mobile phone in a better way.