Pda Phones - Love at First Sight

by : Darlene Kaitlene

Some one had rightly mentioned - PDA phones are Swiss Army Knives of telecommunications. With so much power packed into one small device, it has now become very easy to communicate instantly whether you are on the go or in a cosy corner. PDA phones have made life smarter, easier and more fun too.

As time flows by, continuous technological evolution has made it possible for humans to come up with better and more feature rich handsets that are designed for the tech savvy generation and at the same time for those who enjoy simplicity. Each new model of the new age PDA phones, packs a punch in a small box that is as big as your palm.

They are ideal for those who love managing things even when they are far apart from their supporting staff. They are the passion for those who have a penchant for these shiny boy toys. And they are great respite to those who want more fun out of their mean machine, which mere mobile phones can not satisfy.

For the busy executive who needs to travel often, they are the more compact and more resourceful cousin of the laptop. The sleek designs that PDA phones come in - make them more portable and far less cumbersome for the shoulders. Send and receive emails and SMSs, browse the net for all the information you need, transfer data, send and receive documents and do more than you can imagine with your lappy - with these PDA phones.

For those who just love thumbing and flashing the steely and cheesy gizmos, just gift them one to make a straight entry right into their heart. With the latest models of palmtops on their palms, the shine in their eyes would be reflective enough to guess how they feel.

And for those who love having fun along with work, the PDA phones promise a good deal. Share pictures, play music or download them, get updated with latest Hollywood blockbusters, display Paris Hilton's wallpaper and do much more with these cool new toys.