GPS on the Iphone, Navigation Through Iphone

by : Stig Kristoffersen

Apple has promised a real GPS solution to the iPhone during 2008 in the iPhone 2.0 version firmware release.
This is supposedly a solution provided together with globalmap and googlemap.

In the meantime there will pop up so many various solutions, it will be up to you to decide what solution you want.

Here is a hardware solution to come during 2008

Mexens Technology, with its virtual Navizon GPS system has finally arrived for the iPhone. The program still utilizes "WiFi and cellular tower triangulation techniques," but according to the firm's CEO, "this is just as if the iPhone were equipped with a GPS chip."

Of course, I am still doubtful that this peer-to-peer location approach works just as good as a bonafide GPS receiver, but considering that you won't be forced to pay the $24.99 purchase price until after 15 days are up, why not give it a go and find out?
And in addition it will take only seconds to find location, as for more robust solutions it will take maybe minutes to locate on the iPhone.
However, if it is long distance between towers, the accuracy will be less of course. So do not plan to use it for geotracking or something like this.

The navizon has come back with good reviews, it has a free one, and a paid version. The paid version is more accurate and has more features (of course).

Another solution is this hardware solution to put on end of the iPhone.

Best of luck with your navigation, and hopefully you will find yourself in the right spot at the right time. And PS! Maybe you will be able to remember where you were some time ago, equally good as your authorities has the ability to find out were you were.