Operations and Support Systems 2007 - 2012

by : Bharat Book Bureau

Operations support systems (OSS), the information technology infrastructure that gives carriers the ability to create, deploy, manage, and maintain network-based services, are being retooled to handle converged network operations. Carriers are buying solutions that will inter-work wireless, IP, and traditional PSTN elements within their enterprise, as well as extend a comparable level of management and control to dissimilar OSSes as part of their overall strategy. This industry analysis report examines recent marketplace drivers by focusing on billing, customer care, trouble/repair, planning and engineering, provisioning/inventory, network management, business management, and workforce management. Expenditures are segmented by OSS type and geographic region for both broadband and narrowband services.

Today, with revenue growth prospects rooted in reality, profitability is the new rallying cry. The focus of investment today is the minimizing of cost, as opposed to the maximizing of growth-so OSSes that can squeeze out unnecessary operational costs are high on carrier's shopping lists. From the OSS perspective, the focus on return on investment (ROI) is guiding new investments. Automated online billing, network asset management, configuration management and automated provisioning are experiencing renewed interest because of their ability to directly reduce the capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenses (OPEX) associated with delivering services and maintaining the network.

In hindsight, the industry should have seen the crash coming. The telecom industry is a service industry, and service provider revenues ultimately determine the capital available for new system purchases. As the new millennium began and the anticipated revenue from Internet-generated applications failed to materialize, the easy capital that drove the industry's investment in new systems and capacity evaporated, forcing carriers to sharply cut spending across the board.

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