A Look at the All New Apple Notebooks With Stunning Features

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

"Apple" is one of the most famous words in US computer industry. Apple computers founded by the Steve Jobs and his two associates in 1976, today the Apple Inc is pioneer the computer industry. Apple products are far more superior that its rival products. The main reason for the success of Apple products is that Apple has always given something different and innovative to the people. Apple has identified the people's choice and delivered the best to the people. There range of desktop computers and latter the ever popular Ipod made Apple the trusted brand in the market.

Apple has always been strong in desktop computers and laptops. In 1989 Apple introduced the 'Apple portable' to the world. But it was not appreciated by the people. Latter Apple introduced more advanced notebook called 'Powerbook 100'. It increased the apple's standing and hereon started the Apple's ever famous notebook computers.

Today's notebooks are called as 'Macbooks'. In 2005, Apple tied up with Intel Corporation for there dual core processor technology and introduced Macbook with core 2 duo processor and Intel 950 media accelerator motherboards. Intel's core 2 duo processor are the latest and technologically most advanced processors with two cores on a single chip. Intel's micro architecture technology makes it possible to fit in very large number of transistors in single core. Therefore, the output is increased speed and less power consumption.

There are two variants in notebooks; Macbook and Macbook pro. Macbook starts with 13" TFT display and 2 GHz processor. The starting price is $1099. The models with specifications are as follows.
Apple MacBook (1.83GHz Intel Core Duo - MA254LL/A )
Apple MacBook (13-inch, 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo)
Apple MacBook (13-inch, 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo)
Apple MacBook 2.0GHz (MA701LL/A)
Apple MacBook 2.0GHz (MA700LL/A)

These are the latest models available with white and black color. The unique features are high speed 1GB Ram and Inbuilt i-sight camera. The 1.08" thin Macbook is very slick and is easy to carry any where. Also built in wireless technology with Magsafe Power adapter are the stunning features.

Macbook Pro comes with 15" TFT display with ergonomic view. The basic processor speed is 2,2 GHz. And the basic price starts from $1999. The models with specifications are as follows.
MacBook Pro 2.2GHz 15" (MA091LL/A)
MacBook Pro 2.24GHz 15" (MA092LL/A)
MacBook Pro 2.24GHz 17" (MA463LL/A)

The striking features of Macbook Pro series is that it comes with 2Gb of Ram and support up to 4Gb, The NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT Graphics card, magnetic power connection with elucidated keyboard and latest wireless technology.

Apple's notebooks are faster and deliver great performance. The designs and the styles are fabulous. And the features they come up with are eye-catching.