How to Choose the Best Prepaid Phone Card

by : Vanessa Arellano Doctor

Cellular phones are one of the world's latest technological innovations of this generation. The majority of the people have these high technology creations for leisure, communication or work purposes. Thus, calling people that are significant are oftentimes inevitable. However, are you sure that the prepaid phone card you are using is the right one for you and your phone? Here are tips for you to be able to identify the right one for you.

Research The Card

It is always good that you make some research first regarding the prepaid phone card before purchasing it. You might think it is the good choice among the selection just by looking at it, but its service could be otherwise. To prevent any hassle from taking place, do a little sleuthing about that prepaid phone card.

Study The Rate Offered

Some cards are presented with such cheap prices; you would want to buy all of the cards under that specific brand. However, these kinds of cards are usually stuffed with secret reductions. Without you being aware of it, charges are being made. It is best that you first analyze the rate of that card to be sure that you will not suffer losses.

Connection fees are secretly being added to your bills. Every time you make a call, these charges will be imposed on your card. If, in case, an interruption occurs and you would need to redial your call-recipient's number, you will be charged all over again.

If there are connection fees, there are also disconnection fees. This kind of fees is charged to you whenever you put an end to you conversation. Having to pay for making a call is quite expected, but having to pay for ending it is not something you would like to involve yourself in.

Maintenance fees are also imposed on your card. These are sums of money that are deducted from your card load even if you are not using it. This usually happens on a monthly basis, but some are unlucky enough to experience them weekly. However, the most unfortunate ones are those who have card loads deducted on a regular basis.

There are also long talking fees. These are numbers you have to pay for when you are on a conversation for too long. You are charged forty cents for every twenty minutes talking time. Do the math and you will arrive at a whopping two cents per minute. If you only knew that would be the case, you wouldn't have chosen that prepaid phone card.

But among all these fees, the most nerve-racking and most angering, is the multiple minute rounding. These forms of fees are deductions for a calling time that did not even exist. If you talked for a couple of minutes, you will be charged for a payment that is equivalent to ten minutes.

Consider Where You Are Calling To

Most, if not all, of prepaid phone cards have different call rates, depending on where you are located when you make the call. Another is that they have different rates for fellow cellular phone accounts and for landline phones. If your prepaid phone card is unfortunately like this and you have to call from halfway around the world, you will have to carry a pack of varied cards to make your calls.


Some prepaid phone card companies have very poor quality for their calls. Hearing the voices of your loved ones from oceans away is gladdening, but not when there are call interruptions, delays, missing words, and the worst would be sudden disconnections. Instead of feeling elated after talking to your significant somebody, you will feel frustrated and angry because, aside from the fact that you paid for the call, you weren't really able to make most out of your payment.

Choose A Provider You Can Trust

There are very cheap prepaid phone cards in the market. After hearing such a low price, you would want to get your hands on them first. Perhaps you would change your mind after hearing that these kinds of card companies either disappear overnight, or do not even exist at all. Getting home with a piece of useless plastic in your hands is not something you would want to happen to you.

These are just few of the tips that you have to put into attention for you to make sure whether having a good prepaid phone card in your possession or not. Following these tips would not guarantee that your prepaid phone card would be perfect, but they would, at least, prevent any frustrations and financial mishaps from happening.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor