Send Birthday Ecards Using Your Cell Phone

by : Joydeep Dasgupta

Birthdays are always very exciting and if it's a close friend's birthday we just wait for the clock to tick 12 o clock and we always try to be the first person to send a sweet birthday SMS . Same goes for the birthday boy/girl, as they cannot wait to open the SMS from friends and families. We all love to receive birthday SMS on our cell phones, these are some of the feel-good emotions that a simple text message can express.

Previously we used to rush to a paper greeting card outlet at the last moment to grab an attractive card for the special person. However if that person is not living in the same city as you do, then you got to go to the post office to collect stamp and post it. And the sad part of the story is you don't know whether your loved one would get the card on time or after his/her birthday! Here comes the concept of Ecards where the effect is instant.
Sending a sweet birthday ecard is also a way to wish your loved ones and ecards are much more interactive than a paper greeting card. Then also we just wait for the first SMS to reach our inbox. Why so! Coz though it's the age of computers it's not possible for anybody or everybody to sit in front of the computer all the time or carry a laptop. However we all can carry a cell phone wherever we go or whatever we do. Cell phones are evolving faster and new features are being added every time. They are turning into versatile multimedia devices with the added advantage of camera, music, radio, internet browser, scheduler and many more. We all would love to send an ecard to our friends and loved ones but sometimes we fail to do so and we keep ourselves happy by sending a SMS.

How will it be if we can send an ecard directly from our cell phone to the person we want to wish! Would be great right! Yes now we can really do that, we can send Cell Phone Birthday Text message directly from our cell phones. Nowadays cell phones are coming with features as GPRS, WAP and EDGE which are basically used to access the internet. So now what we have to do is, log into internet using our cell phone and key in the ecard website address, choose the ecard you want to send, customize it in the way you want, if you want you can type text message along with the selected card and send it to person you want to wish. Can you imagine the excitement and expression of the person who is going to receive it in his/her mobile message inbox? So today onwards we have choices, we can send a normal text SMS or we can send a Cell Phone Birthday Text Message....I would always like to go for the 2nd one. What about you?