The Best Alternative to Detailed Billing Records of Cell Phones

by : Ed Opperman

Traditionally, cell phone bills contain a lot of useful information regarding all calls made, text messages sent and all SMS activity. You will find everything laid out in very fine detail such as the phone number of the person whom you called or sent a message to, the date and time when conversation or messaging occurred as well as the duration of the call. The system was developed in order to needlessly inform subscribers how they are being charged on a daily basis.

These informative cellular phone billing records have been quite useful aside from maintaining order between telecommunications companies and their clients. Case investigations have relied on the system since everything can be tracked down and time slots can be filled out accurately. Crimes and other anomalies have been cleared and solved because records can show that the parties listed were indeed involved. However, people are now looking for a legal alternative to cell phone detailed billing records wherein evidence can still be shown without compromising confidentiality and the risk of damaging reputation.

Some agencies also suggested that since billing records development uses MIT to trace outgoing and incoming messages and calls, there might also be a way to reverse the entire process. Perhaps records may also be able to show phone numbers, times, dates and duration of calls of others contacting your own cellular phone. This will eliminate threats and other annoying matters like text spam. Everything works relatively the same as reverse email search so other individuals will learn how to respect your privacy. More innovations are still currently underway.

Several individuals are getting concerned about having their billing records accessed without their permission. There are already laws and regulations protecting the confidentiality of such documents unless ordered by legal authorities. Trying to catch a cheating spouse or a stealing employee will need a legal alternative to cell phone detailed billing records.

One of the most excellent ways available is handheld digital forensics wherein gadgets and other types of media used to store data can be accessed including deleted files or photos. Suspicious partners and company owners will be able to view and possibly prove any foul play through text messaging exchanges, pictures taken, recorded voice mail, recorded calls and other digital records present in any given device. Another advantage is that data can be retrieved even if the given device is damaged or modified. Advanced tools and programs are now created by experts to outsmart dishonest individuals and criminal minds.

Digital forensics has made it possible to solve old crimes as well as prevent new ones from taking place. Since information is discovered upon retrieval of all available data, there will be a lot of time to catch unscrupulous individuals during the scheming and planning phase. Specific and authentic information about mischievous activities will be revealed. The information provided will be way more helpful compared to billing records.

You will still be able to attain the same information provided by the detailed billing records and more. There are other protection programs and applications that further help companies and families maintain the integrity of relationships such as security surveillance in cellular phones, PDAs and other telecommunications gadgets. Electronic privacy is maintained while protecting the interests of the governmentScience Articles, corporations and striving families.