Making Sure Inkjet Printer Cartridge Dealer is not Fake

by : kiong loo

The best thing beside freebies are discounts.Most people would feel that discount means getting more for less.This may be the reason why most printer users choose to buy discount inkjet printer cartridges rather than spending insanely huge amounts of money on their branded counterparts.

Most people would feel that they get their money worth by doing so.However, do not go rushing into any store claiming to sell unbelievably cheap inkjet printer cartridges just yet, or you might risk falling blindly to ink-cartridge scams.Though there are a lot of stores on or offline that sell quality inkjet cartridges on discount,but beware as there are still a few rotten eggs out there.

Remember to check out the following before making a purchase for discount inkjet printer cartridges.

It is not easy to distinguish the legitimate dealers from the fraudulent ones, but there are tell-tale signs that could help us determine if we are indeed being duped:

If you can't see them, then they aren't real. Fake dealers usually do not offer offer any other way of communication other

than through their website. Check for valid addresses to which you can personally go to, or contact numbers which you can call up, in case problems arise with regards to the product.

Check also the payment modes offered by the dealer. Most printer supplies

(or I should say all legitimate dealers), including discount inkjet printer cartridges can be purchased through other means besides cash or checks. Now, one could conveniently pay using credit cards, or through PayPal. Since you'll be divulging secure information through credit card purchases, you can be sure that the site is also secure, and thus legitimate. If your dealer restricts you to pay through cash or check only, you might want to think twice about purchasing anything from them.

Look for authenticity signs posted on their websites.This will help to prove that they are a reliable source of quality cheap inkjet printer cartridge and more.

Satisfaction, guaranteed.Make sure that the seller has return policy or some form of warranty on the discount inkjet printer cartridges and provide customer support services to assist you should any problems arise with the product. If they are not confident about their own products in as much as they refuse to take liability for possible problems, then they are definitely not worth your trust.Legitimate dealers always look after customer satisfaction.

All boxed up. Finally, check the box for security labels that is unique with each product. With an HP cartridge for example, one can be assured of its authenticity through the HP logo which appears black in any other angle, except when viewed face-on from which the logo appears in color.

Being assured of the authenticity of any discounted inkjet printer cartridge is not that hard. All we need is to look at everything with a keen eye and a critical attitude.

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