Canon Pixma Printer Customer Complaints

by : James Kara Murat

In spite of the fact that almost every model of Canon PIXMA printer is quite popular among the users, there exist a certain number of customers who are utterly displeased with the product. Some of the customers are so disappointed with a Canon PIXMA printer that they clearly express their determination of not buying any Canon product ever again and advise others to do the same.

A typical example is that of Dolores Williams who is fed up of the enormous ink consumption of Canon PIXMA MP530 and says in one of her writings that "The more I'm forced to buy Canon's ink refills, the more I feed their bottom line. I bought into the "rave reviews" here and spent $200 for this MP530. It's no bargain; it's a losing proposition with a massive appetite to devour its own costly ink tanks."

Many customers have expressed their displeasure over the limitation that certain Canon PIXMA models allows only the usage of Canon cartridge in the printer, which are much more expensive as compared to other brands of ink. The machine function comes to a halt on account of low ink while it is not completely empty. So the cartridge filled to a certain extent has to be replaced.

The users are particularly annoyed with the Canon Pixma all in one machine, which refuses to perform other operations like scanning as well when the machine lacks ink. Customers find it very frustrating when the ink deficiency leads to a sudden stopping of all the tasks. One necessarily needs to have a spare cartridge while using this machine. The major minus point the customers have associated with the duplex printing is that one of the sides has to be printed with colored ink while the output is still black and white, hence consuming the expensive one.

Some of the customers have regarded a Canon PIXMA printers as extremely noisy and shaky. Some are dissatisfied with the complicated installation procedure. B. Greenstone, who is a computer programmer, writes in his critical description about Canon PIXMA MP530 that "this all-in-one confused the heck out of me. I actually had to read the manual to figure it out, and I still have to refer back to it all the time." An all in one Canon PIXMA machine is often criticized for its large size.

A few customers have reported that the machine works well only as long as the warranty period. Just after the warranty period is over, there are excessive paper jam and paper crippling. Certain customers have expressed their inability to understand the machine operations and settings, the reason being the complications involved. A particular customer has complained that a Canon machine lasts no longer than a year. It has been described as quite inefficient for printing heavy materials like business cards.