Epson All In One Printer Reviews for Home and Office

by : Justin Brown

A printer that does more than just one function is definitely something that is needed in homes and offices these days. And imagine how much space your printer, scanner, fax machine, and a copier would eat up! Too much, right? That is the reason why Epson created something that would address this dilemma. This is the Epson All In One printer series.Looking for something to help you with your faxing, copying, and printing needs? Well, the Epson Stylus DX700F is what you are looking for. This printer can print images with pixel quality you have not seen before. This is another way of saving time instead of having to go out and print your images somewhere else because you can print images just at home or at your office.Another all in one series printer Epson has created is the Stylus DX6000 series. Just like the DX700F, this printer is your best choice for your printing, copying, and faxing needs, both at home and at the office. It can also print high quality pictures. PictBridge technology compatibility is one of its features, which means convenience if you have pictures from cameras or camcorders you want printed. There is an LCD viewer in the printer enabling you to view your photos before you print them. Flexibility in how you print images is also possible with this printer. You can print images to size A4. You can even print them borderless!Another printer in the all in one series of Epson is the DX5000. This printer shares the same features and capabilities of both the DX700f and DX6000 printers, which are the combined functions of copying, printing, and faxing. But going further, this printer can do all copying, printing, and faxing faster. Both colored and black and white files can be printed so fast that you can do 27 pages in just one minute. A size 10x15 picture can be printed in just seconds. Imagine how fast that is! And this is even without the use of a personal computer.If you have something specific in your mind right now, something unique about how you want your printer to be, try the many models Epson has come up with. You already know three models of this product line and there are still more to discover. For sure, you will find one quicker than you expected. That is the Epson All in One printer for you. And since it is Epson, it is quality guaranteed!