How to Save on Printer Ink

by : Steve Collins

Worrying about the high cost of printer ink cartridges need never be part of your to-do list again-not when you can use a printer ink coupon and save up to 80% off the cost of retail OEM ink. No kidding! Using a printer ink coupon on compatible or remanufactured ink can save you a bundle on ink, and sometimes you can even get free shipping! This adds to the savings because it means you do not even have to burn gas to drive to the store. If the cost of ink cartridges gets your goat, fight back with a Printer Ink Coupon and high quality compatible ink.

Ink prices really are through the roof. On some models of printers, in fact, the sales slogan could be "free printer with every ink cartridge." What gives? It is, after all, just ink, not plutonium or crude oil. And if the truth be told, that high-priced OEM ink is no better than compatible or remanufactured inks. The generic ink is made to the same standards, prints just as well, and has just as long a print life as the expensive stuff-and you can go online, get a printer ink coupon and pay even less!

There are those out there who would have you believe that generic ink will mess up your printer, negate the warranty, and generally create chaos and destruction. Completely untrue! In fact, when you choose remanufactured or compatible inks, you are using something every bit as safe as OEM. And with remanufactured ink, which is distributed in recycled and reprocessed ink cartridges, you get the satisfaction of knowing you are doing a little something for the environment. You could use your printer ink coupon on OEM, but now that you know the truth, why would you?

So go ahead, put aside your doubts, and use that Printer Ink Coupon to get maximum savings on quality ink! Never again should you have to pay retail for a little plastic chunk filled with ink while someone at Lexmark or Brother is saying, "Sucker!" Fight back with a printer ink coupon and quality generic ink.