Very Smooth Cell Phone LG Kg320

by : prabakar

LG introduced latest design cell phone LG KG320. Its 1.3 megapixel camera is capable of capturing images in five different resolutions - 72x72, 220x176, 320x240, 640x480, and 1280x960. The LG KG320 provides quite an impressive range of settings for you to tweak with. Brightness can be adjusted to one of five settings, white balance can be set to auto, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent, or daylight, and a 4x digital zoom is provided. In order to zoom, however, you need to change the resolution of the picture first. Changing it to 640x480 will allow you to zoom 2x, and changing it to 320x240 will allow you to zoom up to the maximum 4x. This was extremely cumbersome, since it involved so many steps just to get a zoom. Additional effects such as sepia, black and white, and negative color tones are also available. A big letdown here is the time the camera takes to activate - the user is left waiting for three seconds before the camera starts, and shutter lag is an agonizing three seconds on top of that.

The LG KG320 is also capable of recording video clips, but I was not able to test this feature, as somehow our review unit just did not respond when I tried to change the camera mode from Still Shot to Video. I suspect this is firmware related and should be fixed in the official production unit.

The LG KG320 includes a music player compatible with MP3 files. With the 128MB of on board memory, you should be able to fit about 20 odd songs or so onto the phone. Having expandable memory would have been much better, however. The MP3 player application that comes with the phone is pretty much the same as the one found on the KG800 Chocolate phone. It still can't support playlists or ID3 tags, and worst of all, the music player can't work in the background; this is an area that LG must look into and improve on. Basic equalizer settings are available to the user in the application, and three funky visualizations are provided for kicks. Listening with the provided ear buds, the LG KG320 sounded tinny and lacked bass.

Though the LG KG320 does not have an external memory card slot, as previously mentioned, it provides 128MB of on board memory, which is ample for most considering the low resolution of the camera, and provided the user does not want to store his/her whole music collection on the device. USB 1.1 Mass Storage support is included, though this has quite a slow transfer rate, so transferring large amounts of data might prove to be quite a task. Please purchase online