Our Relationships with Cellular/Mobile phones

by : John

Can you Imagine life without your Cellular/Mobile phone now?It makes you wonder, doesn't it, how we managed to cope in the past without a Cellular/Mobile phone.I mean sure, we could always use a public phone box on the street, but the public box lacked that convenience of being able to make the call from virtually where ever you may be at that given time.As I was doing my Christmas shopping last month I lost count of the amount of times than I took out my handset and gave a quick call to a relative to see if a gift that I was buying in the shop would be suitable for my Uncle or Aunt, Brother or Sister.It was much easier than going to the call box outside then running back inside the shop to make my purchase.The small changes that technology can make to our lives, both now and in the future can at times be more important than we realise.They save us time, they give us the convenience of being more mobile and at times our Cellular/Mobile phones can make us feel safer.You may find yourself walking down a darkened street and feeling less than safe, but knowing that at the touch of a b utton you can be connected to a warm and familiar voice of a relative, partner or friend, and of course knowing the fact that if you do suddenly find yourself in danger then there is an increased chance of you being able to call on police assistance to help you.Another situation that you could find yourself in is an unexpected and untimely car breakdown, and while this may happen in a built up and populated area, the chances are it may happen in the middle of no where, and while this may pose problems with being able to pick up a signal on your phone, the plus side is that it could get you out of a awkward situation and at times could be a life saver.

Of course they are just a few of the many good uses that a Cellular/Mobile phone can be of.On the more fun side, our phones can be a great source of entertainment, the fun that we can have through text messaging is something that many of us have experienced, and as many of you know does become quite addictive.There is an awesome amount of fun and exciting Content available to purchase for our phones.Being able to get the latest Chart Tones on your phone from websites like and hilarious videos, funny pics and incredible games mean that our handsets are a constant and very welcome source of assistance and entertainment to our busy lives.And if were honest with ourselves, we can all do with a bit of fun and entertainment in our lives from time to time.

Things continue to look bright for the present and future of our relationships with our Cellular/Mobile phones and their usefulness and entertainment value in our lives continues to be welcomed.