Voip Telephone Service Coming of Age

by : Paul Hegarty

A quiet revolution is taking place in this country. Increasing numbers of telephone subscribers are turning away from the traditional phone networks and using voice over IP to handle all of their voice traffic needs.

Voice over IP (VoIP), as the name implies, routes phone calls over the internet rather than through the traditional packet switched telephone network that was developed before the turn of the century (20th, that is). VoIP offers many advantages: better sound quality and lower cost are the two biggest. Much like email, where you can send a message to anybody on the planet and it is included in your monthly email service cost, with VoIP, you can make a telephone call to anybody in the world, and the cost is included in your monthly internet service bill. So talking to your brother in South Africa costs no more than talking to your next door neighbor.

Companies such as Xantek, Inc, Vonage Holdings Corp., and SunRocket, Inc. are leading the way in offering affordable VoIP telephone service to the home consumer. For a fixed monthly fee ranging from $21.95 to $26.75, you can make unlimited calls to anywhere in the US, Canada, and a range of international destinations.

These costs will be dropping. Right now, since 99% of the world is still using the old fashioned telephone system, most of the cost of these services involves the cost of connecting back into the old system. As more and more users switch to VoIP, it will no longer be necessary to make use of the old phone service and calls will go directly over the internet from origin to destination. According to William Neely, CEO of Xantek, Inc., monthly costs in the range of $4 to $6 a month will become prevalent in the next five years.

If you already have high speed internet service into your household, you may want to start investigating VoIP right away. It could save you big bucks on your current phone costs.