Incorporate NAT traversal into your VoIP

by : Brian Ellis Bsc

Increased penetration of broadband Internet is driving the adoption of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) both for consumer and business markets, propelling VoIP to be the preferred mode of communications. High quality multimedia communications along with rich presence, universal mobility and availability, and lower cost are some of the benefits VoIP brings to end-users. For operators, it promises new revenues from new and converged services, service bundling, increased customer loyalty, and lower capital and operation expenses by building and running a single IP-based network for all communications services.?

Ironically, the main driving force behind VoIP adoption also poses one of the biggest challenges – VoIP calls do not work well in many broadband situations for NATs and Firewalls break VoIP.? This is why I have assembled a top 10 list of reasons why you should incorporate Eyeball’s solution into your VoIP or internet communication products.

  1. 100% traversal of NATs, UPnP gateways, firewalls and web-proxies.
  2. Most comprehensive implementation of the IETF standards STUN, TURN and ICE.
  3. Minimal scalability costs with near 100% peer-to-peer media transport in UDP networks.
  4. Fast call setup and low delay media transport.
  5. Works with 3rd party signaling stacks (SIP, XMPP etc.) and media engines.
  6. Available in multiple platforms including Windows, Linux. Pocket PC and other embedded platforms.
  7. Complete solution comprising of client-side SDK and scalable carrier-grade server.
  8. ?Small footprint suitable for web and embedded applications.
  9. Field proven over several years with various router models and vendors.
  10. ?Enables NAT traversal into any VoIP application, service or device.

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