Take Advantage of a Free Conference Call

by : Raylam

Some conference providers are bold enough to offer a full service conference call. With the entry of too many of them in the market today, the competition is getting tighter by the minute. The companies who choose to conduct free conference calling may be offering it as a lure for possible customers with the aim to make them become regular customers instead.

Several of the options available provide quality audio conferencing and often are available on a reservationless system. Now in order to use most free services, it is usually required that your company sign up with the conferencing company. After signing up for the service you are provided either a series of toll numbers for attendees to call or in some cases depending on whether the conferencing provider offers additional services at a fee, they will offer a toll free number for calls.

Some are under the impression that all free web conference calling providers limit the controls a moderator has over the call. For the most part basic controls are included and provided free of charge. For web conferences some basic software may be needed, if using a trial version for free some limits to the options available will apply. Other limitations may include a limit to the number of people that can call in, and a limit to the length of the call. While for some companies this may seem too restrictive for their needs, other businesses find that the requirements fit well within their needs.

Callers can participate in the conference at any point in time during the course of the conference calling . Even if you are an out stationed caller you could participate in the conference, by paying the cheap long distance call rates. Calling cards as well as mobile phones could be employed in order to make conference calls.

A toll-free dial-in number. Some free services are generous enough to allow you to use their toll-free number for your conference participants to use. Else, they might be giving you a local number where long-distance telephone charges apply. Check out what the free conference call number is. They might be adding other charges to the participant's telephone bill without you knowing about it.