Five Reasons Why Videoconferencing Is Gaining A Wider Audience

by : Jason Cox

There are many reasons why videoconferencing is becoming more and more popular. While it is still seen as being in its infancy, more and more businesses are catching onto its tremendous advantages. Let us take a closer look at five of the reasons why it is gaining a wider audience.

First of all broadband web access is getting more and more affordable and for the purposes of videoconferencing, while it is not an absolute essential it makes the experience more effective. Broadband connections to the Internet, which include Cable, T1s and DSL are becoming more and more desired and the cheaper they become, the more they are utilized than connections that are dial up. This encompasses not just businesses, large and small, but also homes. A recent study reported that broadband web access in the business world of the United States has reached eightyfive percent and for home use it has reached sixty percent.

Web cameras are the second reason. Web cameras are intense, powerful and range in price from very costly to dirt cheap. What high speed connections are to cyberspace, the new and improved web camera is to videoconferencing. It relies on clear video images in order for it to be a success. It is no longer simply for huge conglomerates, politicians or celebrities as it is becoming more and more cost effective for regular people to use in the comfort of their own homes. Web cameras can be purchased for as little as ten to twenty dollars and as much as hundreds. For a beginner to VC it is a good idea to start with a cheaper camera until you get the hang of it. The option to upgrade is there as time goes by. Specialized computer and electronic stores are not the only retailers that sell web camera most department stores sell them as well.

The productivity of many companies is vastly improved by way of video conferencing. Some of the advantages of its in relation to work practices go far beyond the money that is saved when travel is not required. Plenty of valuable time is saved when it is possible to remain in your own office and conduct a meeting and or presentation with colleagues in another city by way of VC. Due to the fact that you do not have to go anywhere for the online session, after the videoconference is over you can attend to other business matters immediately and return emails and or phone calls without delay.

Video conferencing is gaining popularity in the field of education, from all levels, whether they are elementary school, middle school, high school, continuing education and especially the classrooms found in the institutions of higher learning. It brings a whole new element of learning into the classroom and initial results show that students are reveling in the experience of learning course material in a new and innovative way. Students are able to gain knowledge from experts in a given field via VC and to learn about other cultures. Many videoconferences held in schools encourage the active participation of students in the learning process and there is often plenty of opportunity for questions and answers. It also allows for the chance to learn about cultural differences. The new skills acquired in the classroom can bode well with for each and every students future beyond their school days.

The fifth reason is that many companies need to economize and cut costs wherever they can and this includes business travel. Not to mention the fact that the price of oil, gasoline and airfare is rising all of the time so anything that can bring business from the other side of the country, state or world right into their own office is excellent news. This is where VC comes in. Many objectives can be met through this unique form of online communication including meetings, presentations, interviews, an opportunity to meet with established clients as well as prospective ones and so on.

There are of course other reasons that is attracting more and more attention and thus a wider audience. Email was exciting when it first came on the scene, the ability to chat online added another interesting development to online communication but video conferencing brings all of the elements of computer and electronic technology together to create an experience that is to date, the most reality anyone can experience in cyberspace. It is the closest way to be with another person without really being with them in the physical sense.