Advantages Of Videoconferencing

by : Jason Cox

Video conferencing permits a large or small number of individuals to communicate in real time, no matter where they are located.Via audio and video transmissions, the parties will be able to discuss, conference, and compare charts, graphs, and other items. This combination of visual data with voice interaction and video reality makes this as most useful tool for many business and individuals alike.Yet what exactly are the advantages of VC.

The advantages may differ slightly from business to business, here is a list of overall advantages as they may be experienced by most are below...

1. It is a lot less expansive than traveling.If you consider that the average business trip requires two way transportation to and from the location, accommodations, quite possibly car rental or other transportation at the target location, meals, entertainment of clients, and various other incidentals, it is easy to understand that a video conference that will keep the employee or executive in the office rather than traveling halfway across the county is indeed a money saving idea.

Some of the hidden costs that can be avoided as well are insurance premiums to cover the traveling employee, the cost of hiring a temporary replacement or the overtime to cover the workload of the employee, as well as the money that it costs to call together a meeting for the debriefing.As you can see, the time that is lost in travel is useable in video conferencing.

2. In addition to the foregoing, VC requires the participants to be well prepared ahead of the conference.Gone are the days when an employee is flying across country only to realize that she or he left a big presentation in the office at home.With videoconferencing, all office applications and files are immediately accessible.Additionally, to make the conference go well, all participants will want to have their presentations together and ready for sharing.

3. Of course, quite possibly the greatest advantage of VC is the easy access a business or company has to experts.Law offices in particular will appreciate the ability to solicit expert testimony from the best and brightest in their fields. Not to be forgotten, the medical profession, too, greatly benefits from videoconferencing since experts from across the country or even across the world are able to collaborate and find solutions to baffling cases.

4. One of the more peripheral advantages is the fact that employees will be able to receive direct training in research, presentation skills as well as public speaking.After all, anyone may be called on to participate in a video conference, and therefore all those involved in a certain aspect of the business need to be able to make sure they are up to date on all the information, as well as able to present it properly.

5. Compared to a mere telephone call, it is much more personal.Gone are the days when a proposal was sent via the mail and then a follow up phone call was made to see if the proposal was received and if the company was interested, requested changes, etc. Using it, the data may be sent simultaneously.This permits businesses to close deals much faster and also gives the buyer, or proposed recipient of a service, a certain person to person contact which makes it a much more pleasant experience.Additionally, it permits the seller, or service provider, to create that personal relationship with a client, which is a most valuable tool for future up-sell opportunities.

Another advantage that quite possibly is a part of all the items already mentioned is the simple possibility to communicate on all levels, including body language.During a telephone call, body language cannot be perceived, and when debriefing an employee who has just returned from a business trip or conference, you will only be able to rely on her or his take of the situation and the participants.Videoconferencing permits everyone involved to get a good read on a situation, a new client or provider, and thusly communicate on a number of levels.

As you can see, video conferencing is indeed a technology that offers many advantages to its users.With ever better technological advances and user friendly prices, this may be a business application that is here to stay and will soon rival the fax machine itself.