Legal Versions and your Security

by : Matjaz

The usual reason to use black software versions is money. We know that is not legal and also if it is just for our own use or for company use someday could come software police and they will find it. Then it is clear that we did not save money.
We can see this problem also from the other side. If we have black (or illegal) software it is security risk. One of the reasons is changing the software. Somebody who wants to make black software from legal software has to change some elementary but important things in it. It can contain security part where he has to make a hole for installing without password code. This hole can use virus and it will hit your data. It of course depends on what illegal software do you have? If you have illegal system upgrade or any upgrade software, you can lose just data from these applications, in better case (not always it is like that). Different it is when you have illegal operation system, than you can lose everything!
The usual reason to use black software versions is money. Are you sure that this is the right way to save your money? Be careful, because it could be much more expensive that you consider.