Successful Spyware Deduction of About:blank

by : Isaiah G. Henry

The Virtual world nowadays is plagued by an anomaly called About Blank Spyware. The cyber world has now joined hands collectively in order to erase this problem from the roots. Many tools have now been devised in order to completely do away with this menace. There are many such nuisance makers who use these tools to hijack the blank home page. Many times it has been observed that computer viruses and other such troublemakers have caused the hijacks.

Another threat caused to these hijacks is by computer worm attacks. The result of this type of infections is visible by the pop-up ads coming up and sometimes by setting the homepage of the browser to any unwanted websites. This is made possible by setting the URL and title of the unwanted pop-up ads or webpage to ?about: blank?.

Increased net connectivity has raised the 'computer worm' attacks. A normal computer worm modifies the registry values and creates random 'pop-up' advertisements. They also change the user set home page of the browser to a different one (most of the time it is the website from where the worm originated). The URL settings are changed from the default page to 'about: blank'. Apparently, the modification is not limited to changing of the home page only. The worm can change it to any illegal (or porn) website's homepage.

One of the major coercion caused by the spywares is hacking of the registry. Windows 'registry' is a database where all the applications and processes write entries in the form of codes. Additionally, some '.dlls' are placed in the 'Windows' and 'Windows32' folders. When an application (or a process) writes it's coding in the registry, the operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista and others) modifies its own settings to run those.

Spywares write malicious codes in the windows registry causing data loss and security threats.

The vbscripts removal method is another innovative method, which involves Registrar Life 2.0 to eradicate, the about: blank type of the CWS Cool Web Searcher hijacker.

Free tools are not as good as the paid ones. Some free software detect the threats free of cost, but charge a low cost for removing them. Incidentally, if the 'blank spyware' is of an older version then freeware can clean them.

Manual removal is laborious and dangerous. To avoid detection these worms randomly rename themselves to something harmless (e.g. desktop.ini). Moreover, 'dll' files are also replaced and created on the fly in case one is deleted. Tinkering with registry values can cause the Windows to crash without any warning, so more viable option is to depend on these spyware removal tools.

Many a times it has been seen that the user sees numerous ads popping out from somewhere but those are not real ads. Though the address URL bar remains ?about: blank? we realize that the problem is caused by thousands of variants of about: blank spyware going rampant in the virtual world. Always trust the ones, which needs to be purchased, and not the ones, which comes free.

So, its obviously up to you to decide on which type of software that you are ready to install on your computer ? but it?s a warning to all those who do not seem to be taking this menace seriously. Keep your computer safe by installing all kinds of about blank spyware removal programs.